Best Nursery Ceiling Fans For Girls

If you’re looking for some gentle stimuli and soothing white noise for your little girl’s nursery room, a cute ceiling fan is always a fantastic way to go. Girl nursery ceiling fans are not only an adorable design touch that can tie a room together, they’re also a wondrous mechanism for capturing the attention and imagination of your baby girl. 

Colors swirl. Lights captivate. A regular ceiling fan is a great utility purchase for cooling down a room. The top ceiling fans for girl nurseries combine such usefulness with design qualities tailored to the growth and personality of your little one. 

When shopping for ceiling fans for a little girl’s nursery, there are several key design and structural elements to keep in mind. Before placing a children’s ceiling fan in your online shopping cart, check for these specifications and features:

  • Soothing Colors: Whether you choose a single-color nursery ceiling fan with a soft primary shade or an extremely colorful lamp with multiple hues, little children love colors. And the less harsh the color scheme is on their developing eyes, the better.
  • Unique Structural Designs: Kids love interesting shapes, especially when they’re on the move. Combine these two concepts into a nursery fan, and you’ve got a great investment for your little one’s development.
  • Remote Control Connectivity: Remote controls aren’t a must. But, they’re a great thing to have — especially if you want to turn the nursery fan on/off from afar to keep from disturbing your daughter’s sleep.
  • Quiet Motor: A little bit of white noise is great. Too much noise isn’t. Look for nursery fans with motors that whir less and hum more.
  • Reversible Fan Blades: Being able to use a nursery ceiling fan as both a cooling and heating mechanism depending on the time of year is a cool luxury. It’s more bang for your fan buck!

Now that you have a good idea of what to look for from a girl nursery ceiling fan, we’re here to give you some purchasing ideas well worth your time and hard-earned money. Sit back, relax, and bookmark this page as we present to you the 5 Best Girl Nursery Ceiling Fans Available For Sale In 2021.

The 5 Best Nursery Ceiling Fans For Girls

Westinghouse Roundabout Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light 

Gift your young daughter the joy of colors all day and night long. The Westinghouse Roundabout Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light features blades in five different bright colors, an integrated bright dome light kit, reversible fan blades, and a nickel construction that’s both durable and nice to look at. And if you’re not feeling the pops of Crayola-level color on each blade, this fan is also available in a much more conservative nickel layout.

3 Reasons To Buy This Girl’s Ceiling Fan

  • The colorful fan blades make this one of the most unique nursery ceiling fans ever produced.
  • The integrated light kit is easy to put together and operate.
  • For the young dreamers who love drawing with crayons, this is a cool artsy find.

Alex Children’s Pink Girl’s Ceiling Fan 

There’s cutesy. There’s girly. And then there’s the Alex Children’s Pink Girl’s Ceiling Fan. Its pink, polka-dotted blades eschew a more abrasive hot pink for a softer, sweeter soft tone. And the additions of molded blade holders and teddy bear chain pulls take the aesthetic of this fan to a completely different level of adorable. And if your baby girl likes blue better, there’s a boy’s option that keeps the teddy bears but changes the color scheme up just right.  

3 Reasons To Buy This Girl’s Ceiling Fan

  • The 44” fan blades are great for larger nursery rooms and/or nurseries for twins.
  • The dome light kit provides strong lighting to nurseries without being abrasive.
  • The soft pink fan blades are so fun to gawk at in full motion. Your young girl will love it!

Craftmade 52” Bloom Ceiling Fan

One of the most artful budget ceiling fans we’ve ever profiled, the Craftmade 52” Bloom Ceiling Fan is a fantastic room centerpiece for dreamers of all ages. The intricate floral fan blade design is accentuated by a curvature that’s pleasing to eyes both young and old. It’s also available in multiple color schemes to match whatever wallpaper you’ve put up for your little one’s nursery room. And don’t let its looks fool you. This is a durable 3-speed reversible fan that will last for a long time. 

3 Reasons To Buy This Girl’s Ceiling Fan

  • You have different color options to play with, making it easy to match with various nursery furniture and carpet colors.
  • It features an optional integrated light kid for nursery room illumination.
  • The inclusion of remote control is perfect for on-the-go operation.

Hunter Cranbrook Low-Profile Indoor Ceiling Fan 

One of two lower-profile girl’s nursery ceiling fans we’ve picked to close this list, the Hunter Cranbrook Low-Profile Indoor Ceiling Fan revels in its minimalism and neutrality. We love the subdued mint color of the light fixture and the soft brown wood grain of the fan blades. It may not be the most imaginative and colorful ceiling fan out there, but it’s a fabulous find for a more rustic nursery with subtle accents and more earthy carpet/wall tones. 

3 Reasons To Buy This Girl’s Ceiling Fan

  • It’s a muted ceiling fan design option that fits well with vintage and rustic interior decorating schemes.
  • The inclusion of Hunter’s patented WhisperWind technology makes it quiet enough not to disturb your little one’s sleep patterns.
  • It includes a remote control for easy operation.

Westinghouse Quince Reversible Six-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

Available with off-white and beech wood grain blades for two different aesthetic touches, the Westinghouse Quince Reversible Six-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan is a perfect space-saving unit for smaller nursery setups. It’s a much more modernistic girl’s nursery ceiling fan than other options on this list and it’s a great option for smaller apartments or townhouses in urban settings. The reversible rotation provides heating and cooling on command, making it a perfect year-round fan for your daughter’s room.

3 Reasons To Buy This Girl’s Ceiling Fan

  • The 24-inch blades are about 25% smaller than a normal nursery ceiling fan, perfect for small rooms.
  • We love the look of the frosted light dome and how it refracts light.
  • The six-blade look is attractive and potent for cooling/heating.

Last Thoughts

Having a baby girl is exciting news, and you’ll find decorating her new nursey just as exciting. Consider our favorite ceiling fans for girls and let us know what you think, and how you plan to decorate!

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