Choosing a Color for Your Nursery

As you enjoy the warm congratulatory messages of your coming baby, it can be difficult to ignore the stress associated with creating a baby nursery. As you expect a baby, you should probably give a thought about what color you should paint the nursery. For most parents, especially new parents, deciding on the color to use in your baby’s first room can be daunting. This is true, especially with studies suggesting a strong correlation between color and psychology. 

That said, below is a guide to help you choose the best color for your baby nursery. 

When to Paint a Nursery 

Before delving on the best color for your baby nursery, when do you think is the best time to paint a nursery? For most parents, preparing a nursery checklist is quite exciting. Perusing the internet for exciting ideas to pick adorable nursery items is not easy. Along this process, most parents may not be sure of an appropriate time to paint the nursery.

Bearing in mind that your nursery preparation activities should be done by the 32nd week, you should finish painting and applying wallpaper on the nursery at least eight weeks before your due date. After painting the nursery, you should leave all windows and openings open for maximum ventilation until the day you bring the baby home. Excellent ventilation releases harmful fumes, thus minimizing potential effects on the baby. 

Color Psychology for Babies

As mentioned, colors have an effect on the mind and body of the baby. That said, below is a highlight of the benefits and disadvantages of various colors. 

Warm Colors

Warm colors are generally known to bring happiness and comfort. They also create an additional feeling of intimacy as they make large and open spaces comfortable. Painting your nursery with shades of orange, yellow, and red stimulates the baby’s mind and has an energizing impact on the body. 

Without a doubt, warm colors are important for your baby’s overall growth and development. However, they are disadvantageous when it comes to bedtime, especially for energetic toddlers. As such, you should use warm colors in moderation. This means that instead of painting the entire nursery with red or orange, paint one of the walls and some accessories in the room with warm colors. Balance other walls with other shades. 

Cool Colors 

Judging from the name, cool colors have a calming effect on the body. It makes even a small baby nursery appear spacious and relaxing. On the other hand, cool colors can evoke some doom and gloomy feeling. Despite bringing a soothing sensation, cool colors are not inviting and can make the room cold and reserved. As such, to soften such effects, pair them with creamy and warm colors. 

Good examples of cool colors include purple, blue, and green. 

Best Color for Nursery 

Noting that colors can transform the nursery’s interior, you should choose colors with a calm, restful, and nurturing spectrum. That said, below are the best colors that suit your nursery interior. 

Subtle Blues 

Blue is a cool color known to evoke a soft, restful, and calming effect. Painting your baby nursery with light and medium shades of blue aid in relaxing the baby’s mind and body. Always avoid dark shades as they have opposite effects. For overly playful toddlers, the blue color is a salve that calms anxiety and lowers heart rate. It is also an excellent cool color that helps toddlers calm down to sleep. As such, you should consider the blue color for your baby boy’s nursery. Some best shades of blue include; 

  • Aqua 
  • Pale turquoise 
  • Periwinkle 
  • Powder blue 
  • Duck egg blue 

Feminine Pinks 

As blue is the right color choice for a boy’s nursery, pink is the go-to color for your baby girl’s nursery. It gives the space a cozy and warm ambiance. However, as with warm colors, don’t overuse it. You will overload the room if you apply pink on walls and accessories in the room. Therefore, balance the painting with white and neutral colors, or a lighter shade for a garish result. 

Nature Green 

Painting your baby nursery with green is the best way to introduce nature into the nursery. Green has been approved as among the best colors for nursery for its known links to overall health and well-being. It is thought to improve concentration. However, like blue and other cool colors, you should balance it with light and medium colors for a better effect. 

Since green is a gender-neutral color, you can use it for your boy’s or girl’s nursery. Some excellent shades of green include; 

  • Apple green 
  • Mint 
  • Moss green olive green 
  • Wintergreen 
  • Aquamarine 
  • Sage green 

Soothing Whites 

Painting your nursery all-white can make it clinical and overly boring. Besides, it will be prone to much staining. However, having creamy white walls are great for shabby chic décor with soft furnishings, vintage accessories, and rustic furniture. White colors are best for eliciting a soothing haven in your nursery. However, prefer the harsh blue whites to creamer shades as they won’t overstimulate. 

Great shades of white that can be used in the nursery include; 

  • Cream white 
  • Antique white 
  • Soft ivory 
  • Pearl white 
  • Vanilla 


Gray is a great neutral color that can be matched with nearly all other colors. According to color psychology, gray is an excellent calming color that promotes contemplation. For such a choice, consider light and medium gray, which isn’t boring and can be paired with other accents such as pink, green, white, gold, green, and purple. Nursery walls with gray also form an excellent backdrop for baby themes such as trees, animals, stars, and strips. 

The Bottom Line

Colors in the nursery play a significant role in the general mood and theme of the space. Therefore, you should be extra cautious when selecting a color for your nursery. The best place to begin when selecting the colors is getting to know your shades. For instance, if you know that your baby is a boy or a girl, colors such as pink and blue can be a basis. It would help if you also considered some inspiration from art. Interior designers can help you find the best color combination that brings the best from your nursery. Another excellent idea is following the guidance of the crib accessories. Take into consideration the bedding, window treatments, and lights before deciding on the baby nursery colors.

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