Cost To Set Up a Nursery

How Much Does it Cost to Set up a Nursery?

Having a baby is undoubtedly a joyful experience. However, forthcoming dads and moms should be aware that this could be a pricey experience too. With your baby on the way, you should create a wonderful baby nursery space at home. However, most parents wonder how much this will cost. By the time parenting reality sets in, you will have spent approximately $12 on a pregnancy test and up to $25 on monthly prenatal vitamins. Maternity clothes, on the other hand, can cost hundreds of dollars depending on your selection.

The U.S. government estimates that middle-income families spend approximately $233,600 to raise their child to 18 years and $6,000 on nursery furniture, clothes, toys, strollers, and other baby items. And even as the baby-to-be is worth every penny, you should plan effectively to save on cost. That said, the guide below outlines the potential costs of setting up your nursery, which is the first step in parenting.

Cost to Set Up a Nursery

According to parents who have done this before, you should expect to spend at least $2,000 in your new nursery when buying all new items, and at least $750 if you’re extra thrifty and find hand-me-downs and bargain shopping. However, this will depend on nursery decoration ideas that you want, the style, and your choice of where to shop the products. For instance, most local retailers have nursery cribs ranging from $150 to $500, while baby boutiques have expensive cribs going for more than $3,000. 

As for the diapers, it is estimated that your baby will use approximately 2,700 diapers, which cost between $0.10 and $0.30 for disposables. With this, you will likely spend between $270 and $800 in total. Cloth diapers from diaper service are quite affordable and can save you significantly. However, your electricity and water bills will rise, as you will need to stock up detergents and taking on some extra housework while washing. 

The best way is to begin by making a list of the nursery essentials. Just to mention, some items that shouldn’t miss in this list include the baby crib, lamp, changing table, diaper pail, sheets, dresser, a glider, and carpet or area rug. You can then include items in your wish lists, such as artwork, chandelier, and gliders. 

With the list, you can then create a budget and start inquiring for the prices of each item. You should then make choices based on the item price and suitability. With careful choices, you can even create a budget-friendly baby nursery for less than $400. All you need is a warm, comfortable, and inviting room for your little baby. Below is what you should consider for a $400 baby nursery:

  • Baby crib for $99 from Walmart 
  • Fitted sheets for $14.95 from Amazon 
  • Vintage glider for $30.00 from Craigslist 
  • Wooden shelf for $5 from IKEA 
  • Mattress for $52.99 from Amazon 
  • Changing pad for $13.69 from Amazon 
  • Dresser for $95.00 from Walmart 

Creating a Comfortable and Functional Nursery 

Your baby nursery, as mentioned, should be comfortable and functional. As such, ensure that the included storage solutions remain organized, and the furniture should be in a way that great sense. Regardless of the cost, have a compatible furniture set and other installations. For instance, have the diaper pail and dresser close to the changing table and the glider close to the lamp. 

A functional nursery should also infuse some personality, which can cost some bucks as well. However, don’t overdo the themes as you will need to redecorate the room some years after. As such, save money by using combinations of neutral paints and adornments, including lamps, rugs, and curtains. 

Tips for Saving Money on the Nursery 

Some simple ideas can help you save on the total cost of setting up a nursery. Among them, include;

Reduce and Recycle Items 

There are huge odds that you know someone, be it a family member, friend or relative, with a child or children who have grown above the nursery stage. By inquiring from such people, you may find one willing to send or offer their nursery furniture. If the items are in good condition, you can buy them at discounted prices. 

That aside, you can check out local consignment stores and thrift stores for second-hand items. However, you might not find nursery cribs available at such stores due to the strict safety standards and regulations. Note that all crib models, regardless of the price or brand, should pass safety standards to be sold in the stores. Nonetheless, even with the need to buy a new crib, you can still furnish your baby nursery for less than $500. 

Wait Until After the Shower 

For most families, babies are a recipe for gifts. Therefore, if you need luxurious items, including a $3000 baby crib, $2500 area rug, or $900 chandelier, include them in the baby register. You should then wait until after the baby shower to purchase any other item missing yet essential. 

First-time grandparents, friends, and relatives will often provide the basics, including a glider and beginner clothes. Baby showers may also provide more accessories, clothing, toys, and other necessities that can save on the cost of setting up the nursery. 

Repurpose Nursery Items 

You should consider your nursery setup as an investment. As such, purchase furniture that grows with your baby, such as a crib that can be used as a toddler bed, into a daybed, and a full-sized bed. You can also invest in a bassinet that can be used as a toy bin or bookshelf later. While investing in such furniture convertibles can cost more than $2,500, you can find averagely priced items. Consider wall décor, lighting options and accessories as well. Go for sophisticated installations that will grow with your baby rather than fully baby items. 

The Bottom Line 

Planning and imagining that your baby will grow in the nursery space is probably the best part when creating a good nursery. However, you should plan carefully and look into your budget to setup a comfortable and functional baby nursery. While placing an exact value on the cost of a nursery can be impossible, you should consider several cost-saving options to avoid spending heftily. Other options to save on cost include doing your own installations to avoid spending on labor and borrowing from friends and family.

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