How to Set up a Nursery for Triplets

Preparing a nursery for your forthcoming baby is undoubtedly exciting. However, when you have triplets on your bump, it may seem quite impossible. Planning a baby nursery for triplets is daunting and requires extra creativity. Regardless, the key is to utilize the available space, even if you will have to rearrange other rooms in your home to prevent overcrowding. 

Should Triplets Sleep in the Same Room? 

Most parents are not sure if they should set up separate rooms for their triplets or put them in one room. Besides, should the kids be in separate cots? Bassinets? Crib? Well, there are several ways to prepare the sleeping arrangement of your little ones. However, note that this is a trial and error, as what worked for other parents may not work for your situation, and vice versa. 

That said, in the first newborn days, you will find it easier having your triplets in the same room, especially when you have to stumble around for the regular night feeds. It also keeps your babies on the same schedule when you don’t have to move from one room to another. Besides, your babies will likely feel comforted by the presence of his/her siblings. 

Below are some sleeping arrangement options for your triplets; 

  • Bassinets – by nature, bassinets are small. Therefore, if you were to use them, you will need three bassinets, one for each baby. The best thing about bassinets is that they can be placed in the same room, enabling parents to minimize mucking around, especially when it comes to feeding at night. 
  • Shared cot – some parents skip the bassinet stage with their triplets and put them in the same cot right from the start. You can place your triplets side to side or at the opposite end of the cot. However, you will have to invest in a spacious cot with enough space. Parents embracing this idea subscribe to the school of thought that since the babies were close together during utero, the comfort of being together is what they know. That aside, hospitals often place twins and triplets in the same cot after delivery. However, as they grow and start rolling, you will have to separate them to avoid waking each other. 
  • Separate cots – you can skip the bassinet stage and place your kids in separate cots as well. Doing this gives the kids ample space and freedom to move around, especially for active tots. Some babies may sleep soundly all through in the cot, while others may feel unsettled due to the plenty of space in the cot. 

Once you have decided on the type of bedding to use for your triplets, the next step is deciding whether you should place them in the same room with you or not. Most parents, especially new parents, will have their tots in the same room for the first months to ease night feeding, for comfort, and security. However, others may choose to put their triplets into their rooms, allowing them to get used to such a setup and avoid dealing with transitions that come at a later stage. 

Regardless of your choice of sleeping arrangement, ensure that you don’t use loose blankets and bumpers around the bassinet or cots as they are a SIDS risk. Instead, use sleeping wraps or sleeping bags, as they will keep your baby secure and warm all through. 

Whichever sleeping arrangement you choose, there is no wrong or right. For instance, if you choose to have them in separate rooms, nothing is wrong with that. If you want them to stay in the same room for close monitoring, it is fine as well. You should find what works for you and what will get your babies sleeping comfortably. 

Tips for Making a Nursery for Triplets 

  • Convert Larger Rooms 

Unlike when preparing a nursery for one baby, you will need a large space to create enough room for your triplets. This goes against the common belief that you should convert the smallest bedroom into a nursery. You will have to change such plans if you are having triplets. If you can’t find a way of fitting your three babies into your chosen space, you will have to consider larger rooms in your house. The master bedroom, family room, or the dining room are excellent options. Note that the rooms are not permanent, thus don’t hesitate giving up your master bedroom or dining room. 

  • Have Versatile/Multi-use Items 

Even with a large nursery space for your triplets, the room may clutter easily if you have to keep all the items of your babies stuffed in the room. As such, you can maximize the nursery space by choosing double-duty items. For instance, instead of buying a single changing table, go for a piece that doubles as a dresser to provide storage space as well. Similarly, a rocking chair or glider is a must-have essential in a baby nursery. However, pairing it up with a classic, a simple-cube ottoman can provide additional storage space. 

  • Go Vertical 

With triplets in one room, you should ensure that every inch in the room is used. As such, take advantage of the vertical space in your nursery. For this, instead of using several short and wide bookcases, go for tall and narrow options that fit several items. Similarly, going for a tall dresser can provide ample space for your three babies, freeing up more space. If you had already purchased short bookcases or cabinets, consider mounting them on the wall to create more space for other furniture. 

The Bottom Line 

Sleeping arrangement is undoubtedly one of the major concerns that parents expecting twins or triplets have. However, as mentioned, planning a nursery for multiples is challenging, and requires some creativity. Evidently, you should ensure that you make use of every available space, even if it means rearranging your entire home. This will not only provide sufficient space for your three bundles of joy but also eliminates crowding and keeps your home free of clutter. The tips outlined above can come in handy.

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