How to set up a nursery for twins

Every expectant mother dreams about the room where she will rock and nurture her new bundle of joy. With two newborns on the way, you might feel somehow overwhelmed getting yourself organized and ensuring that your home is ready for the arrival of two babies, hence brainstorming twin nursery ideas has to be at the top of the to-do-list. Upon birth, twins transition from being “womb mates” to roommates. 

Most parents of twins consider it most convenient to set up a single nursery for their newborn twins instead of placing them in separate nurseries. Both choices have their pros and cons. 

Should You Put Twins In The Same Nursery? 

Placing the twins in a single bedroom, but in separate cribs sounds a beautiful solution for infants. However, with time, as the kids grow over, most parents start to consider placing their babies in separate rooms. Twins of the same sex are usually more likely to share a bedroom than twins of opposite genders. Also, twins born into a family with older siblings are most likely to share a bedroom with either the older sister or brother.

How or when twins can be put in separate rooms is an issue that faces parents with twins. The final decision will be determined by the home’s space limitations and the babies themselves’ perceived preference. However, it is essential to note that kids can be highly sensitive to the separation idea, and initially, they may feel like they are getting punished as the presence of their other twin is usually a source of comfort, hence separating them may bring about more disruptions.

Top Nursery Setup Ideas For Twins

Coming up with the perfect nursery for your twins is one of the high priority things that you need to do while preparing for their birth. That said, below are some of the steps that will help make you enjoy the nursery design process and come up with a practical and amusing nursery:

  1. Figure out the layout of the twin nursery

The first step you should take when planning a nursery for twins is evaluating the space you plan to set up the nursery. Using measuring instruments such as a tape measure, obtain the measurements of this space. On a piece of paper, sketch and mark fixed furniture, including windows, doors, closet, etc. The next step is to figure out whatever is needed to ensure the nursery is functional. A nursery is expected to contain essential zones, including diapering, feeding, storage, and sleeping zones.

  1. Identify your nursery design style.

The twin nursery for your twins should be one that makes you proud and happy. To identify your nursery design style, take a look around your home, and identify the things that you have an affinity for. Also, browse for the many different nursery designs that are available online, and select the ones you feel attracted to.

  1. Choose a color palette.

Creating a nursery that has a specific mood and sense of flow would definitely be your desire. Thus, choosing a color palette for your twin nursery will be essential for cohesive space evolving. The things you love, such as paintings, or a feeling that you desire conveyed by your nursery – cozy, laid-back, etc., will help you choose the right palette. Remember that you should not pick too many colors, as this could overwhelm you. To achieve a visual balancing of your nursery, pick a neutral color and a couple of shades. Also, keep in mind that natural lighting has an effect on the space.

  1. Pick the nursery cribs, nursing chair, and changing table. 

The cribs are most likely the most significant investment when it comes to picking furniture for your twin nursery design, as you will definitely need two cribs.

As you have already selected your nursery design style in the earlier steps, you should pick cribs that will align with your overall nursery style. Take note of the measurements and floor plan that you recorded before, and decide whether you will need small-size cribs or full-size cribs. You should also be mindful of your country’s crib safety standards, if any, as they outline crib design guidelines.

  1. Identify nursery storage options.

Many storage solutions should be on your mind when coming up with a design for your twin nursery, because babies tend to accumulate a lot of stuff with time; hence having proper storage spaces will ensure your twins are always organized and clean. Storage options that maximize space should be the way to go. This could include bookcases, shelves, bins, baskets, closet organizers, etc.

  1. Choose nursery bedding.

At this point, the plan for your twin nursery should be piecing up together very well. The next step would be shopping for the crib bedding. The nursery style and color palette should be the guidelines to consider while shopping for the bedding.

  1. Accessorize the twin nursery.

The last and most fun part is decorating your nursery. To ensure that your twins’ nursery has character, is personalized, and is unique, ensure you pick textures and patterns carefully. A rug will assist in grounding the space and making your nursery colorful. Because you are assured that you will have some spills, make sure you look for a rug that is easy to clean. Curtains are also an essential element of the design. 

Curtains help keep unwanted light out and minimize external noise; hence the babies will have ample sleep or nap. Another important aspect of the nursery décor is good lighting. Both overhead and task lighting are essential in your design. Lastly, you could bring in accessories such as artwork or sentimental pieces to make your twins’ nursery beautiful and special, and unique.

The Bottom Line 

In conclusion, there is so much to think about when creating a nursery for your newborn. It gets a little more challenging designing a nursery for two; the twins’ logistics can be tricky. Truth be told, this process can be highly intimidating; a lot of thought and creativity is required. The above information provides fine guidelines to assist you set up a superb nursery for your twins.

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