How to set up a nursery

First things first, congratulations on your forthcoming baby! As expected, motherhood is a demanding gig, which calls for putting all the right tools together. Designing a baby nursery is a fun and rewarding experience. However, it can seem quite daunting, especially for new mothers who might not know exactly what they need. Regardless, even new mothers know that they need a place to sleep, change and feed their newborns. This is why you should set up a nursery. 

Nurseries are essential places for growing babies. The general environment should depict peace, calmness, and love to the baby. As such, you should pick up several items to adorn your nursery. If you don’t feel ready for this, the guide below can help you design an excellent baby nursery. 

When Should I Set Up a Nursery? 

While setting up a nursery seems like an obvious step during pregnancy, you might not realize how early you should do this. Due to its involving nature, you should start this process by the 20th week, or within the second trimester. Starting early is prudent as it makes the entire process pleasurable and eliminates the stress associated with the last-minute rush. 

Besides reducing the stressors associated with setting up the nursery, preparing your nursery by the second trimester also helps in choosing a theme. The theme of your nursery can be gender-neutral, can flow with the design of other rooms in the house, or gender-specific. Without a doubt, most moms would like to prepare a safe haven for their little ones. This involves setting up a nursery with a specific theme. If you are in this fold as well, the second trimester is the best time, as you would have determined the sex of your baby. 

Setting up a nursery a few weeks before your due date can be viable. However, you might not have enough time to make proper adjustments, install all the necessities, or innovate a good design. Also worth noting is the cost of setting up the nursery. First-time mothers can be scared of conducting such a set up due to budget constraints. However, you shouldn’t worry as you can set up the nursery with any budget. 

For starters, you can cut down on cost by asking family and friends to lend you their nursery items. You can also source for used items from various online and retail sources if you are on a limited budget. On the flip side, if you have some coins to spend or looking for items that will last a while to help your growing family, go for brand new items.  

What To Include In a Nursery 

What are the things to consider when designing a nursery? 

Some of the essentials to include in a nursery include; 

  • Bassinet or a crib – this is the baby’s bed. Be it a simple bassinet or an elaborate crib, it makes up the focal point of the nursery. 
  • Bedding – bedding in the nursery should not only provide comfort to the baby. They can also be used for decoration. Choose a variety of crib sheets, bumper pads, blankets, pillows and crib skirts that will make the room lively. 
  • Changing table – as expected, changing diapers is the order of the day for newborns. As such, have an organized changing table with diapers, wipes, and baby ointments. 
  • Storage baskets – storage baskets are best for holding extra blankets, toys, and burp cloths. You can use them to enhance the room’s décor as well. Always place them in a good position for easy access. 
  • Dresser – babies go through several cloth changes in a day. As such, a dresser is an essential piece of furniture. Infant dressers should have a minimum of three drawers for storing several items. 
  • Baby monitor – it might be challenging for new parents to rest peacefully in separate rooms with their baby. Investing in a baby monitor provides for both audio and visual monitoring of the baby. 
  • Rocking chair – a comfortable glider provides a comfortable place for nursing mothers to sit while feeding their baby. 

Nursery Layout 

The best way to establish a nursery layout is by thinking of the things you will be doing in your baby’s room. The best layout should bring forth the utmost functionality and necessity. For an optimal nursery layout design, start with the essentials of your baby care. Consider the tasks that you do routinely in the room. Just to mention, position the nursery following Feng Shuis’ philosophy. The room arrangement should be focused on enhancing the baby’s safety, comfort, efficiency, and sleep. 

That said, begin by positioning the room away from the windows and outside walls. You should also consider how the sun enters the room at various times during the day. Evening lights from street lamps can also affect the baby’s sleep. 

The layout should also factor in space for enough storage. Don’t underestimate the storage space required by your baby. Despite their small size, baby items take up a significant amount of room. Similarly, position the changing drawer conveniently. 

Lighting in a Nursery 

A single average ceiling light may not be enough for your nursery. Since most standard lights are positioned at the center of the room, this isn’t where you will be changing diapers and feeding. As such, begin by installing dimmer lights on the overhead lights so that you can control brightness. You should as well install strategic task lighting to key spots of the nursery, such as near the changing table, near the glider and more. 

Babyproofing a Nursery 

Your baby might be immobile yet, but Babyproofing alleviates future disasters. As such, you should take care of loose electrical cords and outlets, anchor down any lose furniture, secure rags to prevent slips, keep medicines and ointments out of the baby’s reach, and eliminate potential choking hazards. 

The Bottom Line

It is prudent to get your nursery project underway as early as possible. This will provide plenty of time to air out freshly painted spaces and acquire enough furniture. Starting early also prevents setup stress and ensures that you have enough energy to complete the setup perfectly. As your due date approaches, don’t forget to stock the necessities. This includes purchasing diapers, wipes, ointments and lotions ahead of your baby’s arrival. Layout the nursery properly to ensure that everything is within an arm’s reach.

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You're on your way to the perfect nursery!