What Furniture Do You Need in a Nursery?

Besides giving birth to a baby, your first official task as a parent is purchasing baby furniture. Some of the furniture will be required in the early stages of the baby’s growth, while some may come at a later stage. You can choose to piece together your nursery furniture with time, purchasing one item after the other.

Buying furniture in a set, however, has its advantages. First, it is efficient, because you can purchase most of everything you require all in a single place and you are done. Also, you won’t worry about failing to get something with matching colour or style to what you have already bought. As well, you could save on costs by buying a nursery furniture set. 

With that said, below are the types of furniture that you should include in your nursery, starting with the most important to the less important ones:


A crib can be defined as a bed that is designed for babies, and has slats on the side to prevent the baby from falling and hurting itself, or getting out unnecessarily.

Uses of a crib

The crib is the most essential furniture that you will need to have in your nursery because infants spend most of the day sleeping.

How to choose the right kind of a crib

The number one factor to consider when buying a crib is the crib safety, ensure that you purchase a crib that will keep your baby safe at all times. Secondly, keep in mind the crib size, as is dictated by the space you have available in your nursery. It would be best if you also looked out for the crib’s style, ensure that the crib meets your choice of style. As well, ensure that your crib meets or exceeds the government regulations.

Where to go to find cheaper crib options

You can find cheaper cribs online, on sites such as Amazon. Amazon offers affordable cribs that provide safety, dependability, and overall good value for money. You will also have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of cribs. 

Particular features that you should consider for the crib

While purchasing a crib, ensure that you check for the various features. Among them, include:

  • Bars spacing – spacing should not be more than 2 3/8 inches apart
  • Crib height – the rail top should be 26 inches from the mattress top
  • Solidity of the headboards and footboards
  • Avoid cribs with drop rails or bumpers – bumpers pose a risk of strangulation, suffocation, or entrapment, and babies could use them to climb out of the crib.

Nursing chair

A nursing chair is a chair of any kind on which the mum will sit while feeding the baby or luring them to sleep. 

Use of a Nursing chair

As the definition stipulates, nursing chairs are meant to be used by mothers when feeding and soothing their babies.

How to choose the right kind of a nursing chair

While choosing a nursing chair to purchase, the factors to put under considerations would be comfort of the chair. Because a newborn will feed almost every hour, ensure that the chair will be comfortable for you to sit down and feed your baby comfortably. A reclining chair that will allow you to lean and put your feet up is advisable. 

Where to go to find cheaper nursing chair options

Most of the nursery furniture should be available cheaply on the online market. You can find and purchase a cheap nursing chair online from La-Z-Boy. 

Particular features that you should consider for the nursing chair

Durability is the main feature to look out for, while purchasing a nursing chair, ensure that the chair has a strong base, durable fabric and padding. Versatility is also a feature to consider. It’s a good idea to purchase a chair that can work with several themes and can be used for other purposes in different rooms of the house once the baby is grown.


A dresser is simply a piece of furniture with several drawers for storing clothes or other items.

Uses of a dresser

An organized dresser is an essential component of your baby nursery since babies change several clothes every day. The dresser will hold your baby’s clothes and eliminate the need to have a vast wardrobe.

How to choose the right kind of a dresser

While buying a dresser, look for one that is accommodative, i.e. one that can both hold your baby’s clothes as well as other items like wipes, creams, and accessories such as toys.

Where to go to find cheaper dresser options

You can purchase cheap dressers from local stores that sell furniture for homes. The good thing about buying a dresser from a store is that you will have a real sense of what is available in the market.

Particular features that you should consider for the dresser

Among the features to look out for in a dresser is size and shape – dressers come in different shapes and designs, and it is upon you to choose your ideal shape. The space to put your dresser will determine the size that you will buy. The colour of the dresser is another feature – you will need to choose a dresser whose colour matches the chromatic range in your nursery. 

Also, consider the material – based on your preference, you can choose a wooden, metallic or a dresser with a combination of materials. Lastly, pick a dresser with your desired decorative style.

Changing Table

A changing table can be defined as a small raised platform made in such a manner that it allows a person to change the baby’s diaper.

Uses of a changing table

During your baby’s first year, you will have thousands of dirty diapers. It is advisable to have a well-designed changing table in your baby’s nursery, on which you will place your baby while changing their diapers or dressing them.

How to choose the right kind of a changing table

The right kind of changing table is one that assures baby’s comfort, is functional, and is designed in such a manner that the mother will not be subjected to regular back-pains.

Where to go to find cheaper changing table options

You can find cheaper changing tables on online selling platforms, for example Amazon. Shopping for a changing table on Amazon will avail a wide range of tables at your disposal.

Particular features that you should consider for the changing table

One specific feature to look out for when buying a changing table is its versatility. A good changing table should be multi-purpose with a changing topper on one side and drawers. 

Wrapping Up

Evidently, choosing and purchasing the right furniture for your nursery is not a difficult task. You just have to be clear on a few aspects and you are good to go.  Truth be told, this process could seem overwhelming at first, but with some proper planning, and a little bit of research online, or from the many available magazines done by experts who have been there, you won’t face many complications.

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