What To Put in a Nursery

Without a doubt, pregnancy comes with a lot of anticipation and excitement. For most parents, especially new mothers, excitement comes with making a good room for their incoming little one. Besides the hassle of creating a nursery, most can’t figure out exactly what to include in a nursery. Well, if you are in that fold, be happy of your blessings and worry not. The guide below outlines some essentials of a baby nursery. 

Just to mention, a well thought out nursery should be a one-stop place for your baby. It should contain a sleeping area, changing station, feeding area, a storage section and even a playing area once your kid grows up. With that said, below are the essentials to include in every section. 

What Should I Put in a Nursery?

You should begin your nursery preparations by finding a good crib. Note that this is where the baby will spend most of his/her time. As such, ensure that your crib of choice is both comfortable and safe. Other essentials in a nursery include a nursing chair, which allows you to sit and feed your baby comfortable, drawers, and dressers. You should also stock the nursery with some diapers, wipes, and clothes in advance. 

Sleeping Area In A Nursery

Setting up a comfortable sleeping area is crucial for the babies. You should also include a napping area where you can take a few minutes nap every visit. 

Sleeping area for the baby

As mentioned, your baby’s sleeping area is of much importance. Making a comfortable sleeping area for your baby is essential, especially since babies sleep up to 67 percent of their day. Besides comfort, you should ensure that your baby’s crib provides utmost visibility. If you plan on having a baby monitor, cribs with closed sides may make it difficult to position the monitor. 

Accompanying the crib is a mattress. You can choose a waterproof or organic foam mattress for your baby’s nursery. You should also purchase a waterproof mattress cover for the crib and your bed, if your baby will be spending some time on it. This will save you from the inevitable split-ups and blowouts. 

The baby’s sleeping area should also have plenty of sheets. The sheets and other beddings should be soft to touch to provide gentle care for the baby. You should consider a selection of beautiful colors to make the nursery look decorated.  

Sleeping Area for the Parents

For starters, your nursery should be positioned close to your main room for easy movement. However, since you will be spending time in the nursery, you should have a small resting point. While this doesn’t mean that you bring your entire bed, you should have a comfortable sleeping area as well. In most cases, this is simply a nursery chair where you can comfortably sit as you rock the baby to sleep. A glider chair with arms rests that support your arms is often the best choice.

Nursery Changing Station

Changing stations are essential in a nursery for changing babies’ dirty diapers. Babies also need cleaning to remain neat all the time. As such, there are various items to be included in a changing station. The changing station basically has a changing table where you can comfortably change the baby dirty diapers.

Establish a place to keep bins or dresser drawers to store any diapering related items such as diapers, ointments, lotions, and change of clothes. You should as well ensure that there are plenty of extra changing pad covers. The changing station should also have the following items;

  • Clothing such as shirts, diapers, pads, jackets among other cloths
  • Accessories like; lotions, ointments, jewelry, and sunglasses
  • Slippers, shoes, sandals, and boots
  • Dresser-up display and washers or dryers

Storage Section for a Nursery

A well-established nursery should have a storage area with well-equipped facilities such as shelves for clothes and bins for dirty clothes. The storage area is essential for keeping the nursery clean and neat as it ensures that everything is in its right place. As such, don’t underestimate the importance of setting up a large storage area. Some essential items to be included in the storage section include;\

  • Open bin storage suitable for blankets and gear, especially for small babies.
  • Baskets for diapers and holding other essentials in the nursery
  • Shelves kept near changing table for smooth supply of baby’s items such as lotions and nail clippers
  • Hanging closet storage for storing babies’ tiny clothes and toys

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are important inventions that make it easy to watch over your little one. You should position the monitor in the best place to provide utmost visibility. Most experts recommend the baby monitor to be less than three feet away from the baby’s crib. You should also be cautious when setting up the baby monitor. So to say, plug it in a childproof electrical socket. Also, avoid placing it near water as it can cause electrical shocks. 

Lighting in a nursery

Lighting is another essential installation in a nursery, but most parents remain clueless on how to do it right. When lighting a children’s nursery, consider the following; 

  • Install a dimmer with a dimmer switch to help your baby wind down and sleep
  • Choose a light that creates a soft and gentle glow in the nursery
  • Creates light layers by using several lamps and fixtures for brightening the room accordingly
  • Minimize the use of floor lamps to avoid unnecessary accidents
  • Use bulbs that are not too hot
  • Control natural light to lengthen your baby’s sleeping time and avoid premature wake-up
  • Install ceiling lights that acts as a visual treat for the baby


A well-established nursery is very crucial for the overall growth and wellness of your baby. As such, it should feature a well-equipped sleeping area, proper storage area, best changing area, and proper lighting. It should be well ventilated and equipped with comfortable beds and beddings. It should also have a good source of light that you can easily switch on and off when a baby needs instant attention or when asleep. For your comfort needs, have a chair where you can comfortably sit as you nurse the baby is necessary. 

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