When to Set Up a Nursery

First things first, congratulations on your forthcoming baby. Are you ready for your angel? Without a doubt, pregnancy brings along a lot of anxiety and excitement. Preparing a baby nursery is an essential part of pregnancy. While it seems a daunting task, it should be the most enjoyable time of your pregnancy. 

There are a plethora of fun things to consider as you adorn your baby nursery. To ensure that you complete the process stress-free, the guide below outlines a complete nursery preparation timeline. 

Time Guide on Setting up a Nursery 

As mentioned, you should include several items in your nursery. Since it is impossible to place them all in one day, the time guide below will systematically help you set your nursery. 

  1. Choose a theme between 18 and 20 Weeks 

For most parents, the sex of their coming baby significantly determines the theme of the nursery. As such, you should establish the sex of the baby before starting nursery preparations. In most situations, the nursery’s theme does not flow into the design of the other rooms. 

That said, regardless of the sex of the baby or preferred theme, make sure that you have decided by the 20th week. Selecting the theme this early makes it possible to make color and fabric selections that auger well with the nursery theme. 

  1. Order Furniture between 21 and 23 Weeks 

After deciding on the theme, the next step is placing orders for nursery furniture. Since some furniture may take up to 14 weeks to be delivered, you should order them sooner. To save on time, you should consider finding furniture options from close providers. You should engage with the providers about assembly services as well, to eliminate the seemingly challenging installations. Your furniture of choice should auger well with the predetermined theme of the nursery. 

  1. Paint the Room by 25 Weeks 

Several studies have linked color psychology and how it affects your baby’s growth and development. Choosing a color for your nursery should also be dependent on the sex of the baby. Painting the nursery earlier provides plenty of time for the room to air out the toxic paint fumes before your baby settles in. An excellent alternative to painting is using a wallpaper, which should also be applied this early to provide ample drying time. That aside, if you purchased a new baby mattress, you should remove it from the packaging to air out as well. 

  1. Find storage solutions by 27 Weeks 

Most parents often underestimate the importance of having sufficient storage facilities in their nurseries. Despite babies having small bodies, they need a lot of clothes, which can overwhelm a small storage place. Finding a good storage solution makes it easy to find anything in the nursery. Explore several closet options to find one that offers sufficient storage baskets, additional shelves, and storage spaces. 

  1. Add any extras by 30 Weeks 

Before looking for additions to the nursery, ensure that you have all the essential items in the baby nursery. Just to mention, the essential items include a crib or bassinet, beddings, changing table, storage baskets, a dresser, a rocking chair for feeding, clothes hamper, and a baby monitor. With these installations all set, you can proceed to find extras to make your nursery beautiful. 

Nightlights are among the best additions to a baby nursery. Since you will be making night visits into the nursery, installing nightlights in the nursery eliminates the need to turn on bright overhead lights when feeding or changing your baby’s diapers. The lights are not only low but also soothing, preventing the baby from waking completely at night. 

Apart from nightlights, mobiles are another fundamental installation to your baby nursery. They help in soothing the baby and provide entertainment when they are awake. You can consider purchasing cribs with matching mobiles. However, if you don’t find them at the beginning, you can still purchase mobiles separately. Most mobiles come with music features and moving figures to entertain your baby. Others have mirrors, lights, and calmative nature sounds. 

If you have enough budget, consider installing a carbon monoxide detector and a smoke alarm to keep your baby safe. 

  1. Complete the setup by 36 Weeks 

You should complete your baby nursery preparations by 36 weeks, just in case the baby decides to arrive early. Make sure that all the surfaces are cleaned and dusted, clothes should be organized appropriately in the layette, crib bedding properly spread, and all supplies in place. 

Organizing Your Baby Nursery 

Having mentioned the sequential steps of preparing a baby nursery, it is worth noting how you should organize the nursery. The crib is probably the central point of focus for every nursery. Therefore, the best place to position the crib should be near the door as it makes it possible to reach the baby quickly. That aside; 

  • Don’t position the baby’s crib next to a window – toddlers can easily get caught by window drapes or blind cords. They can as well fall through window screens. 
  • Clear the crib area – you should position the crib far from electrical cords and other dangers as possible. Avoid placing them under shelves or heavy items that can fall onto the baby. 
  • Don’t use strings or ribbons in the crib – most parents like hanging baby stuff in the baby’s crib with ribbons. However, this is not advisable, as they are a choking hazard. 

That said, always position the changing table close to the crib. Also, don’t place all your baby changing supplies under the changing table to enhance convenience. Additionally, position your rocking chair close to the crib and door for better convenience. 

The Bottom Line 

Setting up a baby nursery shouldn’t be challenging as it seems. The secret to succeeding in preparation is starting out early and handling every step cautiously. Following the miniature guide outlined above will make it easy to complete nursery preparation. You will also have ample time to make corrections and additional installations.

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You're on your way to the perfect nursery!